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Our FAMOUS Two Hour FREE Lesson

Wednesday, 1st January '92 -

Our FAMOUS Two Hour FREE Lesson

Just bought a digital camera? You need a FREE Two Hour Lesson from WPS!


Digital Cameras are getting more and more complicated. Believe us, we know! That's why we started our "DIGITAL LESSON: GETTING THE BEST OUT OF YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA".


There is nothing worse than going on that "once-in-a-lifetime trip" and taking over 500 photos only to realise it was set on VGA JPEG Quality, or worse Movie Mode!! Believe us this has all happened.


If you buy a digital camera from us we offer our DIGITAL LESSON, divided into two classes one for Digital Compacts and one for Digital SLRs. Each class is limited to 10 cameras (up to 20 people with partners) so we can really utilise the time and cover all the basics. This is not a lesson on photography (that will take a little longer than Two Hours!) but more a crash course into the aspects of Digital Photography. The class covers the following:

· Understanding essential settings such as Pixels and Quality
· Sensors and Cleaning
· Aspect ratios (for successful printing)
· Understanding zoom (and the difference between optical and digital zoom)
· Reviewing and checking images
· Understanding the download process and how to prevent loss of images
· How to safely backup images (and rest of computer)
· Understanding deleting and formatting
· Correct use of flash for better images
· How to use macro function for close-ups
· Creating panoramic images with panorama stitching
· Printing methods at home and at WPS

Even some of our more keen photographers and staff have sat in on a lesson and found them useful. The Lessons are held in our Vivian St Store (usually) on a Wednesday or Thursday between 6 and 8pm. Not living in Wellington, but venture down quite often? Well you can come to a Lesson anytime after you've purchase the camera so next trip you plan allow a couple of hours, trust me, your photo album will thank you for it!!

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